American Jewish Year Book

Part I Chapters (Standard Features)

American Jews and the Domestic Arena
American Jews and the International Arena
United States Jewish Population
Canadian Jewish Population
World Jewish Population

Part II Jewish Lists (Standard Features)

Local Jewish Organizations
Jewish Museums and Holocaust Museums, Memorials, and Monuments
Jewish Overnight Camps
National Jewish Organizations
Jewish Press
Academic Resources
Transitions: Major Events, Honorees, and Obituaries

AJYB 2021 Special Chapters

Chapter 1: Overview of Jewish Americans in 2020, Becka A. Alper, Alan Cooperman, Arnold Dashefsky, Amy Lawton, Ira M. Sheskin

Chapter 2: Forum on the New Pew Survey, Jewish Americans in 2020, Arnold Dashefsky, Ira M. Sheskin, Amy Lawton, Judit Bokser-Liwerant, Sergio DellaPergola, Sylvia Barack Fishman et al.

Chapter 3: America and the Holocaust: Reflections on Three Quarters of a Century and the Development of Holocaust Consciousness in American Society, Michael Berenbaum

AJYB 2020 Special Chapters

Chapter 1: Pastrami, Verklempt, and Tshoot-spa: Non-Jews’ Use of Jewish Language in the US, Sarah Bunin Benor

Chapter 2: American Jews and the Domestic Arena: Issue 1, Focus on LGBT Jewish Households, Ira M. Sheskin and Harriet Hartman

Chapter 3: American Jews and the Domestic Arena: Issue 2, The Impact of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic on US Jewry: A Preliminary Assessment, Janet Krasner Aronson, Leonard Saxe, Matthew A. Brookner, Matthew Boxer, and Raquel Magidin de Kramer

AJYB 2019 Special Chapters

Chapter 1: Jews in the United States and Israel: A Comparative Look upon Israel’s 70th Anniversary, Uzi Rebhun, Nadia Beider, Chaim I. Waxman

Chapter 2: The Presidential Voting of American Jews, Herbert F. Weisberg 

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