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Judaic Studies Subject Guide — Shalom

This guide includes resources licensed by the UConn libraries and freely available online.

UConn Library Holdings in Judaic Studies

Through a series of generous grants by donors, the Center has worked in collaboration with the Acquisitions Department of the Babbidge Library of the University to increase its Judaic holdings. The library has a substantial number of English-language books devoted to historical, literary, and social scientific analysis of the Jewish experience. In addition, it subscribes to the major English-language periodicals necessary for scholarly research. The Center’s location in the Dodd Center provides opportunities for additional archival research. The Center also has a Library Liaison to assist students and other interested persons in utilizing the Judaic Studies library resources.

Sefaria: A Living Library of Jewish Texts

Enjoy free access to a digital library of Jewish texts in Hebrew and in translation, including the Torah, Talmud, and modern texts. Quickly find texts and use intuitive methods to compile research or handouts complete with source information and where in the literature that text is referenced.

Berman Jewish DataBank

The Berman Jewish DataBank provides open access to hundreds of studies on North American Jewry.  The UConn Center for Judaic Studies and Contemporary Jewish Life provides ongoing academic support, guidance and connections to the DataBank.

The Friedberg Jewish Manuscript Society

This portal contains references to six websites related in one way or another to Jewish manuscripts and their exposure to the general public, within the framework of advanced software systems. They are freely accessible to everyone anywhere, anytime. The Genizah site, the Nachum site and the Talmud Bavli variant-readings site contain together more than half-a-million high-quality digital images of all the relevant manuscripts. Full details of the purpose of each site and the way it operates are in the respective homepage of every site. All sites were developed and are maintained by “Genazim” (“Genazim Digital” today), headed by Prof. Yaacov Choueka, as a joint venture of the “Friedberg Genizah Project” (FGP) and the “Friedberg Jewish Manuscript Society”(FJMS).


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