Study and Work as Writers this summer in Jerusalem! Study Abroad / Internship with ieiMedia

ieiMediaHands-on opportunity for Jewish Studies students to study and work as writers this summer in Jerusalem. The program will offer participants the opportunity to research and write about the religious, cultural and political aspects of Israeli society. They will also publish their work. This opportunity is offered through a partnership with Hebrew University and the Institute for Education in International Media – ieiMedia.

The media program is open to students from all majors who can write well and are interested in the context of developments in Israel today. But we are reaching out to your students in particular because we believe they are already critical thinkers in terms of this region.  Deadline for registration is coming soon.

Here is the information you can pass along to likely candidates:


  • This study/work program runs from June 7 to July 5, 2015.
  • Students study under the guidance of history/political science professors as well as international journalists from NPR, Newsweek, Time Magazine, Christian Science Monitor, CNN, ABC and CTV.
  • Program includes excursions that introduce students to the people, religions, cultures, history and politics of current-day Israel.
  • Program participants work as journalists, photojournalists and videographers to publish a multimedia news website.
  • Participants receive 4 transferable credits through Hebrew University in Jerusalem where students will live and study.
  • Contact Cathy Shafran at for a link to the webinar.