Barry Kosmin to Speak About Anti-Semitism on Today’s Campuses | October 14th, 2015

On October 14th, 2015, Professor Barry Kosmin will present a faculty colloquium and public lecture entitled “Anti-Semitism and Today’s Campus Environment.” The colloquium will take place at 1 PM in Dodd Center Room 162 and the public lecture will be held at 5pm in the Class of ’47 Room in the library. 

Dr. Barry A. Kosmin, of Trinity College, is a Principal Investigator of the American Religious Identification Survey series. He is editor of the international journal Secularism & Nonreligion and of the ISSSC’s series on secularism. Dr. Kosmin is an internationally renowned expert in Jewish demography and was the director of the CJF 1990 U.S. National Jewish Population Survey, the American Jewish Identity Surveys of 2001 and 2008, and the 1998 National Survey of South African Jews. He is a consultant to the JDC International Center for Community Development, Barcelona, Spain.