Contested Citizenship – An Interdisciplinary Conference

This conference brings together scholars from a variety of fields to address how citizenship has operated as a terrain of struggle in the United States and the Americas. Topics include state violence and incarceration, undocumented students and workers, and the role of empire and transnational capitalism on migration and racial formation.

Speakers include Cesar Abadia, Alicia Schmidt Camacho, Robert Chase, Aviva Chomsky, Iyko Day, Christina Heatherton, Melanie Newport, Mark Overmyer-Velázquez, and Cindy Wu.

The Keynote Address will be given by Vijay Prashad, who is professor of international studies at Trinity College. He is the author of The Poorer Nations: A Possible History of the Global South.

Keynote Address: March 30, 5:30pm

Panels: March 31, 9:00am – 3:15pm

Location: UConn Alumni House

This conference is sponsored by El Instituto, American Studies, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Registration is free at