Internship Opportunities with GoEco in Israel

GoEco has several internships available for summer 2018:

Coral Reef Conservation – Eilat

At the meeting point between Egypt, Israel and Jordan you will find the city of Eilat, the gateway to one of the world’s most densely populated coral reefs, located at the northern tip of the Red Sea. As a volunteer, you will become a key part of the team through seasonal tasks such as beach clean-ups, buoy maintenance, beach observations and tourist education. Don’t miss out on this unbelievable opportunity to learn about and assist in the conservation of Israel’s one and only coral reef!

Desert Wildlife Program – Arava Desert
Join this unique wildlife conservation project in the spectacular desert landscape of the Arava! You’ll prepare food and feed the animals, clean and maintain the reserve and help park rangers with their daily tasks.

Vegan Bakery Internship – Tel Aviv
Learn from the experts at this up and coming vegan bakery at the forefront of vegan desserts. Interns will learn how to make vegan treats from scratch using nuts and seeds instead of milk and butter, and experiment with natural ingredients to create new culinary experiences!

Creating Safe Spaces for At-Risk Youth – Jerusalem
This unique school gives at-risk youth a second chance by nurturing their creativity and self-expression. You will assist in the plant nursery where students take on the task of reviving donated plants and caring for small farm animals.

Desert Eco Village – Tzukim
This unique eco-lodge resort is built completely by hand from mud and local sustainable materials. You will help build and maintain structures, prepare guest cabins, and help with gardening and cooking as needed to keep this beautiful eco-village running smoothly.