2018 Borderlands Graduate Symposium

2018 Borderlands Graduate Symposium

Theme: “Cartographies of the Body: Subversions, Surveillance, Crossings”

UConn, Storrs, March 30, 2018

March 30


Session 1A: Body and Faith: The Struggle for Symbolic Recognition and Political Inclusion Among Afro-Jewish Communities in The Context of The Middle East and East Africa [ASIAN AMERICAN CULTURAL CENTER, STUDENT UNION 428]

Moderator: Adane Zawdu (University of Connecticut)

1)    Janae McMillan (University of Connecticut) | From Deuteronomy to Dimona: An Analysis of the Identity Formation of the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem

2)    Muwaffag (Moi) Ibrahim (University of Connecticut) | Black and White or Blue and Yellow?: Identity, Inclusion and Disillusion

3)    Sangjae (Jae) Lee (University of Connecticut) | Police Power in Israel As a Religiously Homogeneous and Multi-Racial State


Discussant: Greg Doukas (Political Science, University of Connecticut).