Looking for a new class that meets Gen Ed requirements? Try HEJS!!!

What is HEJS?

HEJS is the new and improved designation for HEB (Hebrew) and JUDS (Judaic Studies) courses!

Did you know that many of them meet the general education requirements for graduation?

Why not try something different?  

HEJS Classes are typically smaller classroom sizes with unique and interesting interdisciplinary topics that enrich a student’s critical analysis and broaden their perspectives in the Humanities.  

Check out a few of them below:

HEJS 1103 – Lit & Civ of Jewish People
Takes the student from Biblical Israel to the diverse, contemporary world of Jewish civilization in
just one semester with a review of the major themes of the “Torah” and proceeds to examine the ways
in which these ideas shaped Jewish civilization. No prior knowledge of Hebrew or Jewish culture is
required. Gen Ed Area 1 & 3. MW 4:40-5:55PM. Professor Miller

HEJS 3301 – The Jewish Middle Ages
A survey of medieval Jewish literature and culture, sacred and secular, from Middle East to Islamic
Spain and Christian lands, 600-1500 C.E. Surveys the rich and varied literature produced by Jews in
the medieval period, a formative period for modern Jewish theology, law, philosophy, as well as
poetry and prose. Fulfills Gen Ed Area 1 & 3. TuTh 9:30-10:45 AM. Professor Einbinder.

HEJS 3298 – Christians, Jews, Muslims
Contacts, conflicts and coexistence among the diverse cultures and traditions of medieval Spain:
Christian Hispania, Muslim al-Andalus, and Jewish Sefarad. Fulfills Gen Ed Area 1 & 4. TuTh 12:30-
1:45PM. Professor Hershenzon. Cross-listed with SPAN 3200, SPAN 1008

HEJS 3401 –Jewish American Literature and Culture
Interdisciplinary study of literary and artistic productions by and about Jews in the U.S. Pre-
requisit: ENGL 1010 or 1011 or 2011 or 3800. Fulfills Gen Ed Area 1 & 4. Professor Shoulson.
TuTh 11:00AM – 12:15PM.