The First Genizot Workshop – Transfer of Knowledge – at University of Haifa 5/13/15

The First Genizot Workshop: Transfer of Knowledge
The Interdisciplinary Centre for the Broader Application of Genizah Research is pleased to announce the first Genizot Workshop to take place on May 13 2015 at the University of Haifa.

In recent years, the transfer of knowledge has emerged as an exciting field of study. The myriad documents and fragments of varied literary works preserved in the Cairo Genizah provide fertile ground on which to study the transfer of knowledge throughout the medieval Mediterranean basin, from India in the East to North-Western Europe. A wealth of information and knowledge traveled between the different communities, ethnic groups, cities, countries and continents, between the dispersed Jewish communities themselves as well as between Jews, Moslems and Christians. This knowledge was varied and extensive. Law, religion, commerce, medicine are just a few examples of the knowledge that traversed the geographical and cultural expanses. This many-faceted transfer of knowledge preserved and recorded in the Genizah will be the focus of our first Genizah Seminar to take place on Wednesday May 13 2015.

Scholars who wish to contribute to the conference are requested to send an abstract (up to 200 words) by 5.1.2015 to:

Contacts: Dr Moshe Lavee and Prof Ephraim Lev, Head of the Interdisciplinary Centre for the Broader Application of Genizah Research – The University of Haifa